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Marco Bianco, Iliana and their son Riccardo, oenologist, run a small farm in Valdivilla (in province of Cuneo), a mild hill among Langhe, 400m high. The view is wonderful, a succession of wonderful vineyards and woods as far as the eye can see. This is the area of Moscato and Marco Bianco definitely is among the best ones.Here the Muscat is produced by vocation, naturally. If you still have in mind “a certain idea of Moscato”, it is time to change it. The meticulous research for an ancient oenological technique, orally bequeathed, the deep respect for themusts’ natural features, the rigour in selecting the grapes, have given the Muscat back its true identity.

The Moscato produced by Marco Bianco has done nothing else but restoring the due honour of the authentic Moscato, a triumph of soothed sensations, an outbreak of old passions. Each wine has its own character, and seduces differently: the Moscato Crivella with a very delicate perlage and its perfume’s elegant liveliness, the Moscato Signorinetta with its freshness.

The “Marco Bianco” Muscats stick out for a very refined perlage and for a pronounced character given by the soil and by the ancient vineyards. The grape-harvest is by hand only when they have reached the right ripeness. The grapes are selected directly by the son Riccardo and only the best ones will become that unique nectar that Moscato is.

Its body and perfume are authentic, unique from harvest to harvest.

We produce seven expressive nuances for the single-variety Moscato: the mellowness of our Sweet Muscats, Belb and Villa, the great developing skills of our aged Muscats, Crivella 2008 and 2003 and Canè 1999, the aromatic richness of our Brut outside the Meramentae schemes, the freshness of Leonhard, the new dry, aromatic and still white whie, ideal with appetizers and light starters, that takes its name from Leonardo Bianco, my son.

  1. BELB Moscato d’Asti

    BELB Moscato d’Asti

    -Mongioia - Marco Bianco-

    Special Price: 10,08 €

    Lifting the wine glass, this sweet white wine looks like a starlit sky with very refined bubbles. The scents of pan brioche blend with the enchanting notes of the lemon cream and the fruity hints of peach, pear and mango. Learn More

  2. CANE’ Moscato d’Asti D.O.C.G. Riserva

    CANE’ Moscato d’Asti D.O.C.G. Riserva

    -Mongioia - Marco Bianco-

    Special Price: 151,24 €

    Gold and amber are the typical colours of this wine of great consistency, the symbol of what a single-variety Moscato can give if trusted to age well. Learn More

  3. CRIVELLA Moscato d’Asti

    CRIVELLA Moscato d’Asti

    -Mongioia - Marco Bianco-

    Special Price: 28,21 €

    The golden yellow foreshadows the body of this wine of a refined perlage expressing all the great evolutive potentialities of the Moscato vine. The buiscuit, cream and cinnamon flavoured notes inebriate the nose and turn into balsamic scents of cardamom. Learn More

  4. CRIVELLA Moscato d’Asti Riserva 2008

    CRIVELLA Moscato d’Asti Riserva 2008

    -Mongioia - Marco Bianco-

    Special Price: 30,25 €

    Refined and persistent perlage, its deep straw-yellow colour has golden reflections evoking a ray of sunshine. The scents of fruit and acacia honey warm together with the notes of zabaglione, candied fruit and caramel. Learn More

  5. LEONHARD Bianco Secco Aromatico

    LEONHARD Bianco Secco Aromatico

    -Mongioia - Marco Bianco-

    Special Price: 9,50 €

    A still wine, derived from a light crystal-clear straw-yellow Moscato vine. The olfactory sensations are mainly of yellow fruit, slightly withered flowers and lemon juice. Learn More

  6. Meramentae brut

    Meramentae brut

    -Mongioia - Marco Bianco-

    Special Price: 21,17 €

    A sparkling wine, not sweet, mould-breaker. It is the proof that the Moscato grapes can show their elegance even in a dry wine. Its very refined perlage and the transparence invite to discover it. Learn More

  7. VILLA Moscato d’Asti

    VILLA Moscato d’Asti

    -Mongioia - Marco Bianco-

    Special Price: 13,00 €

    A white sweet wine clear straw-yellow with greenish reflections. To the nose conveys fresh scents of field’s flowers that, once in the mouth, leave way to honey and ripe citrus. Learn More