List of products by manufacturer Manzone Giovanni

Giovanni Manzone is in Monforte d’Alba, Piedmont, and makes wine only from property grapes. The whole production is focused on high quality and limited to about 50.000 bottles a year. The good altitude (400-450 metres above the sea level), the extreme slope of the vineyeards and the fantastic territoir favour a natural low production of grapes; this way originate wines accessible even to youths but that stay among the most concentrate and long-living of the Barolo area.

This family-run farm’s history started in 1925, when Giovanni Manzone purchased the “Ciabot del Preve”. In 1965 Giovanni and Stefano Manzone bottled the first wines and purchased important vineyards on the historic hill of “Gramolere”, in Monforte d’Alba. Since 2005, Mauro Manzone supports his father Giovanni in managing the farm. Mauro graduated at the famous Oenological School of Alba. The farm follows the basics of a healthy, natural and not invasive viticulture. Insecticides and fertilizer are not used. The grass, that grows naturally in the vineyards, is cut and left on the ground to produce humus. All wines are not clarified nor filtered and only minimal quantities of SO2 are added.

  1. Barbera d'Alba 2010

    Barbera d'Alba 2010

    -Manzone Giovanni-

    Special Price: 11,00 €

    A deep ruby-red Barbera with a purple hint. Large, clear and fruity perfume with sensations of currant and plum. Warm and strong flavour. Good acidity-extract balance and great persistence. Learn More

  2. Barolo Bricat 2007

    Barolo Bricat 2007

    -Manzone Giovanni-

    Special Price: 34,00 €

    A great and refined Barolo; for those who love measure, not dimension. Large, strong and persistent. Notes rich in blackberry, blueberry, walnut and chocolate. Learn More

  3. Barolo Castelletto 2007

    Barolo Castelletto 2007

    -Manzone Giovanni-

    Special Price: 27,73 €

    Great and refined Barolo. Elegant and intense, with notes of raspberry preserve, soft fruit and tobacco. Warm, pleasant, with great tannic balance and flavour. Learn More

  4. Dolcetto d'Alba la Serra 2010

    Dolcetto d'Alba la Serra 2010

    -Manzone Giovanni-

    Special Price: 9,50 €

    A Dolcetto derived from Le Ciliegie vineyard in Monforte d’Alba, Langhe. Intense scent. Strong, warm, very persistent flavour. Sweet end with tannin and fruit. Learn More

  5. Langhe Bianco Rosserto 2010

    Langhe Bianco Rosserto 2010

    -Manzone Giovanni-

    Special Price: 11,09 €

    An intriguing white wine. Orange and citron’s peel, acacia flowers, broom and a fresh balsamic note. Strong, mellow, memory of yellow melon and peach. End of great persistence. Learn More

  6. Langhe Nebbiolo Il Crutin 2009

    Langhe Nebbiolo Il Crutin 2009

    -Manzone Giovanni-

    Special Price: 11,50 €

    From the Nebbiolo vine, the base of a lot of noble wines of Piedmont, originates - from the vineyard called Gramolere in Monforte d’Alba, Langhe – this great Langhe Nebbiolo. Learn More