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The Broglia wine farm, founded by Bruno Broglia, goes on with a ultramillenial tradition that presently is continue with commitment and passion by his sons Gian Piero and Paolo. The Meirana has extends for  100 hectares of which 63 under Cortese vine and 2 under black-berry vines. The planting system is the traditional “Guyot”. The name “Meirana” is linked to the history of Gavi, in fact one of the first documents that refer to the name Gavi is in the State Archive of Genoa and talks about vineyards and chestnut groves in Meirana.

This document, dated 971 A.D., proclaims the area’s wine tradition that corresponds to the dawn of the history of the municipality of Gavi.

In the ‘80s, at Meirana the clonal research on the Cortese vine started in collaboration with the Department of  Agriculture of the University of Turin, and under the direction of Professor Scienza of the Department of  Agriculture of the University of Milan other studies in cellar have been made, in particular about the vinification without sulphur dioxide.

Three new clones planted in these last years in our new vineyards for 15 hectares have been selected and certified.

The Gavi la was served on the Vatican tables in occasion of the celebrations for the 25th year of pontificate of Pope John Paul II.

It was there during theG8 reunion in L’Aquila in July 2009 and has been offered during the official banquets in several Italian embassies. The first bottles were commercialized in 1974, in the year when the Gavi could boast of the DOC. Then, by gradually planning of the investments, the property’s farmsteads were restored. The vinification and bottling cellars was realized in 1982 and in 2000 it was enlarged and restored.

The basic production is commercialized with the Gavi DOCG brand “La Meirana” bringing the estate’s name, characteristic for the balanced and almond-flavoured taste that pairs with fish dishes and white meats.

The most prestigious wine produced is the Gavi DOCG selection of Gavi “Bruno Broglia” that comes from vineyards planted in 1953 and 1955. The yield of these vineyards is medium, in the different grape-harvest from 30 to 40 quintals per hectare, that is about one third of that provided for by the Gavi procedural guideline. The harvest is in fruit-cases after selecting the best grapes and, after an 8-month ageing in steel, it offers itself in all its minerality. The Bruno Broglia has obtained the best awards and recognitions on Italian and foreign wine and food guidebooks and reviews.

Another cru coming from the “Villa Broglia” vineyard of which it takes the name. Moreover, a DOCG “Roverello” Brut sparkling wine with the Gavi indication of the municipality of Gavi and a “Roverello Rosè” Brut sparkling wine, both obtained with the charmat method. In the most favourable years also a “Broglia” Extra-Brut sparkling wine is realized with the traditional classic method.

  1. La Meirana Gavi di Gavi

    La Meirana Gavi di Gavi


    Special Price: 9,50 €

    Great D.O.C.G. white wine maybe a bit neglected by the media. In the glass it highlights a crystal-clear clarity; a fruity and characteristic bouquet; the flavour is pleasing, smooth and harmonious Learn More

  2. Roverello Gavi Spumante Brut

    Roverello Gavi Spumante Brut


    Special Price: 10,10 €

    A Brut sparkling wine, obtained from grapes harvested in advance to provide youth and freshness. Gavi vine providing a young, inviting, high-quality sparkling wine. Learn More